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Coffee Bags with valve, Coffee Pouches

The coffee bag (coffee pouch) "valve" package is ideal for coffee beans and for other aromatic products.

Why should coffee beans be stored in bags with valve?
Air effects the aroma of freshly roasted coffee, the coffee without protection would lose most of its flavor after four weeks. Coffee beans should therefore be promptly packed in an aromatic seal after roasting, however, this is not possible with freshly roasted coffee because up to 6 liters of air would be produced after roasting of 1 kg of coffee beans. This would inflate the bag, causing the bag to  explode. In bags with integrated valves, coffee can be packaged immediately after roasting. It therefore remains fresh in flavor for a longer period of time and allows the accumulating gases to escape. Greens Germany GmbH packaging helps the coffee beans retain their original shape and protects the quality of freshly roasted coffee beans for a long-lasting taste experience.

- Quality: three-layer composite film with aroma protection valve

- 4 colors: black, red, gold, silver

- 3 sizes (for 250g / 500g / 1000g)

- From 0.19 € / piece

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in different color and sizes

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